The mystery of “Debug adapter process has terminated unexpectedly”

Interesting story happened to me the other day.¬†Visual Studio Code, my primary C# editor on Linux, suddenly stopped working. Well, it’s debugger did. Whenever I put a breakpoint and started debugging, nice friendly message would appear in the top of the editor, saying: And it all worked just fine before. As recently I installed a … Continue reading “The mystery of “Debug adapter process has terminated unexpectedly””

Profiling .NET Core app on Linux

I’m still¬†busy learning how to troubleshoot .NET Core apps on Linux. Now I more or less understand where to start if I need to analyze .NET Core memory usage, but that’s not the most frequent problem we usually have. Most of the time the main problem is high CPU usage, which obviously leads to the … Continue reading “Profiling .NET Core app on Linux”