About Me

Pavel Klimiankou

Hi, I’m Pasha Klimenkov! I’m a cloud infrastructure consultant (GCP, Azure) from Toronto, Canada. Before that I was a full-stack developer in local product company, and before that spent 10 years developing all sorts of web applications in Minsk, Belarus.

My journey in software development started in 2004 and since then I managed to try myself as a Computer Science and Marketing graduate, web developer, project manager, blogger, consultant, immigrant and a father. Not necessarily in that chronological order.

When not at work, I read, blog, tinker with 3d printer and robots, learn AI and make videos. In future I want to reconcile my hobby and work and get myself into a noble field of robotics.

Generally, you can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Some of the slide decks that I presented at various meetups are kept on SlideShare, and videos, obviously, on YouTube. If you speak Russian, you might want to check out my personal blog, which is updated more often.