Drones and possible blog theme shift

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When I started this blog my initial impulse was to write about things that I usually work with or at least have a relation to. I even came up with a list of 50 topics or so. Half of them were about JavaScript, as that was my main focus area back then. And the other half was about NoSQL, as.. well, that was the book I was reading.

However, almost immediately I ended up writing about weirdly unrelated stuff: micro-services, distributed apps and DevOps. It had some crossovers with what I do for a living, and sometimes blog topics did became related to my work. But most of the time I simply stumbled upon an interesting name or a concept in a realm of distributed applications, learned about it and came up with a blog post afterwards. DevOps and distributed apps became a hobby, and therefore it was relatively easy to sacrifice a noticeable amount of sleep hours to it. Continue reading “Drones and possible blog theme shift”